Published on 2021-03-06

Hello world, I’m back with more text.

I hope you don’t miss me while I’m gone.

Though, I really doubt that you even realize I’m here.

Who knows, really?

So, anyway, I started this writefreely instance mainly because I want an improved blogging/writing experience which integrates with the Fediverse.

I’m rather tired of static site generators. They always feel too static and lack interactivity which made writing not satisfying for me as I have no idea what people think about my writings.

I find myself preferring to write more stuff on Mastodon than my blog mainly because of the interactivity that I get vs my old static blog.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my shitty long texts as there would hopefully be more.

The static blog will stay just as an archive, maybe.

So, this is writings, a place where I post long text onto. I hope it serves you well.

My style of writing will be very casual with some f-bombs peppered in. I wouldn’t try to pretend to be serious like some sort of wiki page since well, I suck at it and it just wouldn’t be me anyway.

That’s it really, See ya soon.

I’m always available at @yuki_is_bored@bsd.network.