Hello World, my name is Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan a.k.a yuki_is_bored.

By profession, I'm a System Administator with "DevOps" abilities that strangles penguins at work but I've been using BSD systems as my personal daily driver since 2016.

The only Linux distribution that I really trust is Slackware but I use Devuan for production Linux servers or other important gear.

As for my preference on BSD systems, OpenBSD fits well for the most part and saves my sanity by a lot.

If I need performance or a really stable filesystem or the whole linux-drm bloat, I go with FreeBSD. Though, I really hate the defaults that the stock install comes with. Otherwise, it's a really great operating system.

other opinions that nobody gives a sh-t

Solaris? I don't have much experience with them.
NetBSD? For anything other than running them on toasters or really old computers, No.
macOS? Better than Linux but I think it needs more loving from Apple.
Windows? I can't have it boot and ready for work in less than a minute.
Websites? Content first, Styles later, Scripts avoid if possible or make it optional.

projects and stuff that I mostly abandon

sboports provides a ports-like interface to slackbuilds.org (fork of sbotools)
ms a posix-strict simple static site generator written in sh
blog personal blog that'll probably come soon in the future
kiririn trying out rasa.ai with telegram
dotfiles personal dotfiles, mostly zsh stuff
planet-venus-docker dockerized planet-venus

scream at me

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some other profiles

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