Character drawing by Luciel Teo


UNIX and *BSD Hacker


Hello world, I'm yuki_is_bored, or just "Yuki". I'm just yet another nerd who loves free and open source software and was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I'm a user of OpenBSD and maintain some ports for it, notably sysutils/docker-cli and games/multimc. I also use FreeBSD (or HardenedBSD) for some machines that has specific requirements such as ZFS.

By profession, I work as a "DevOps Engineer" where I maintain infrastructure composed of mainly Linux machines using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible while also helping developers getting their stuff deployed and running.

On the programming side, I'm interested in functional programming with languages such as Haskell, Lisp, Rust and Elixir. While also have knowledge of other (popular) languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Shell, C, C++, JavaScript, etc. So, I'm pretty much language agnostic when it comes to programming.

On the non-techy side, I'm interested in learning foreign languages. Excluding local Indonesian languages, I'd say that I'm competent in English and French but I've dabbled in other asian and european languages too. Other than that, I'm interested in music and various audio-visual works where my techy-side influenced my taste and preferences.

I don't really author a lot of projects and I don't see the point of doing so when there's an existing solution that already fits my needs but I try to contribute to free and open source projects that I rely on everyday.